About Us

eTakeaway Max™ The end to end online food ordering system

​As more and more people use the internet to order their food, a robust online marketing system is imperative for your takeaway to survive and flourish. While shared online ordering systems help generate sales, they charge substantial commissions on the sales generated. More importantly, they don’t let you create your own online identity.

Why is it important to have your own website with online ordering sytem?

A shared platform does not allow you to create a dedicated clientele that repeatedly purchases from you and also brings you new customers. In other words, you are missing out on one of the most important elements of online marketing- BRANDING.

In general terms, branding creates identity. It helps you stand out in the crowd. When
you nurture and grow your brand, people trust you and they’re more likely to do
business with you than with others. As a takeaway operating in a competitive market,
your benefits from branding are many:

  • You create an online identity that translates into more sales.
  • Your costs go down as you get more direct orders online.
  • You keep your customers happy by showing them you care, and they in turn
    order repeatedly as well as bring more customers to you.
  • You ward off potential competition by growing your customer base and keeping it